Witold Korski ( 24.07.1918 Tarnobrzeg – 8.08.2003 Kraków) studied at the Dpt. of Architecture of Warsaw Polytechnic (1936 – 1939) and of the Mining Academy in Kraków (1945 – 1947) as well as at the Fine Arts Academy in Kraków (1945-1948). Assistant and disciple of prof. Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz, with whom he won the architectural competition for the reconstruction of St. Alexander’s church in Warsaw (1948), Korski also designed several other churches such as St. Theresa’s in Łódź ( 1949 – 1962, with his father Józef Korski), a church in Prokocim Nowy near Kraków (1980 – 1985 with team) and a chapel in Kurów Suski near Żywiec (1969-1970 with team). After he won the competition the Grand Theater in Łódź (1949-1955 with J. Korski, R. Szymborski)), the main field of his interest became the architecture of theater buildings. He conducted extensive research on theater technology, also in the past and particularly connected with W. Shakespeare’s theater. He took part in the architectural competitions, winning top prizes among others for the National Opera in Sofia (1973 with team), Musical Theater (1972 with team) and Opera in Kraków (1980-1985 with team). As a professor at the Dpt. Of Architecture of Cracow Polytechnic he supervised ca 300 diplomas. Some of his students became later professors of architecture in Poland and abroad. The second field of his interest was the Medallic Art, for which he won prizes in international competitions. Especially well known is his so-called „Royal” set of medals. Representative of this art as well of the forms of small architecture is the St. Hedvig’s – Queen of Poland – reliquary (1987) in the Cathedral of Kraków. Korski’s fascinating way of drawing produced also a lot of ex-libris signs and occasionally prints like posters, invitations etc. He was a member of the Committee for Architecture and Town Planning of the Polish Sciences Academy in Warsaw and of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences in Kraków. Awarded with numerous distinctions, among others in 1990, with the Honorary Prize of SARP (Polish Architects Association).