The Architecture and Urban Planning Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences was established in 1952.

The subject matter of the KAiU's work concerns the fundamental issues for Polish science in the fields of architecture and urban planning.

The subject matter of the Committee's work concerns the fundamental issues of Polish science in the field of architecture and urban planning, which is defined as the art of creating order in one's surroundings in order to better adapt them to the manifold material and immaterial needs of people through the planned transformation of the material environment and the erection of structures and buildings of their own making.

 The primary objectives of the Committee's activities concern research into the creation and maintenance of spatial order, in the field of :

- architecture, especially housing environment;

- urban planning, especially the humanization of the urban environment;

- cultural heritage on an architectural and urban scale, including the natural and built landscape.

The scope of activity of the AiU Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences: design and construction of buildings and their complexes, and related spatial planning, urban planning, landscape design, interior architecture, design of details, equipment, creation and preservation of natural, built and cultural environment.