a / The Committee will carry out substantive tasks through the work of the Section,

b / The Committee will perform the obligations resulting from the provisions of the Statute, including patronage over scientific conferences,

(Conferences notified so far:

  • International Scientific Conference "Architecture of local cultures of the borderland". Bialystok Technical University,
  • Collaboration between the Architecture Section and the UIA "Spiritual Places" Work Program,
  • ISSA (Innovative Structural Systems in Architecture) International Scientific Workshop. November 2021,
  • Habitat - Wrocław University of Technology, May 2021.
  • The International City for People Conference. Wrocław University of Technology, 2021.
  • International conference SAL: Structure, Architecture, Landscape. Wrocław University of Technology, 2021,
  • International research workshops organized under the H2020 RISE SOS Climate Waterfront program. Gdańsk 2021. Gdańsk University of Technology).

c / The Committee will continue to award the Marek Vitruvius Prize for outstanding, published scientific works in the field of architecture and urban planning,

d / The Committee will make efforts to prepare and publish the next item in the "Architecture. Town planning. [and] ", which will be a continuation of the" Architektura. Urban planning. Science "and" Architecture. Urban planning. Art",

e / The Committee will endeavor to include the discipline Architecture and Urban Planning as an integral item on the list of NCN panels in order to create conditions for the further development of the discipline,

f / The Committee will establish contacts with institutions with a similar mission to the Polish Academy of Sciences in other European countries and with international institutions in the field of architecture and town planning,

g / The Committee will continue its efforts to ensure the representation of all scientific disciplines among the members of the Polish Academy of Sciences.