The article, based on unpublished archival sources, presents a new reconstrucion of the history of the building of the palace in Zarzecze. Using documents unknown to former scholars (Ignacy Morski’s Expenses’ Registers, kept in the Main Archive of Ancient Records, Warsaw; Property Documents of Magdalena Morska née Dzieduszycka and the correspondence addressed to her – in Lviv Stefanyk Scientific Library of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine), the author verifies the data related to the moment of erection of the building fixed by T. S. Jaroszewski on the margin of his research on the architectural oeuvre of Ch. P. Aigner. She also calls into question the common opinion, founded on Dzieduszycki’s domestic tradition, claiming that Magdalena Morska was the only inspiration and founder of the residence. Thereby, she problematizes the well-established view considering the architectural form of the building and its inner decoration as Magdalena’s own idea.
In the light of the documents analyzed, the palace in Zarzecze appears to be the common creation of Magdalena and Ignacy Morski. The author dates the Morskis’ first contacts with Ch. P. Aigner and the earliest noted plans of palace to the year 1798. She dates the moment of erection of the residence between the years 1807 and 1812. Basing on archive material, she endorses Ch. P. Aigner as the designer of the residence and defines the role played by Georg Szuster – the designer and implementer of the palace kitchen building (1810-1812/13), also responsible for the superintendence of all the building works. In the author’s opinion, these basic studies are a starting point to further detailed research on Magdalena Morska’s activity in Zarzecze.