Cemeteries are a specific group of park arrangements whose aim is to commemorate and remind visitors of the people resting there. Irrespective of the epoch, region and culture they are a product of, they are always important and recognizable elements of the cultural landscape, emphasizing the individuality and identity of the place. The cemetery as a place of eternal rest and a material component of the landscape also constitutes its non-material component connected with the memories inscribed in human hearts. As park arrangements, cemeteries have been subject to fashions and trends in shaping the space and its architectural details. Symbolism plays a special role in them.

Despite the diversity of burial grounds, the characteristic feature that memorial parks have in common is their evident capability to evoke melancholy and reflections on transience and loss that we experience on the passing away of our loved ones. The wealth of solutions applied to these burial grounds is closely linked with religion, culture and customs.

Key words: cemetery, memorial garden, burial complex