Franciszek Pia┼Ťcik, full professor at the Architecture Department of the Warsaw University of Technology, dedicated his whole professional life to architecture and rural planning, both as an academic teacher and as a scientist. He came from the Kurpiowszczyzna region, and from the beginning of his activities in the scientific area he directed his interest towards this area, which resulted in Ph.D. dissertation: ÔÇ×Settlement in the Kurpiowska Forest" defended and published in 1939. He was the founder and long-term head of the Architecture and Rural Planning Department, and Dean of the Architecture Faculty for three terms. During his long life (1902-2001) he made a number of publications on rural issues, he was the author of numerous architectural and planning projects, he served many responsible functions, both in the scientific and social area. In token of appreciation he was awarded with prestigious prizes, medals and distinctions, including the 4th class Officer's Order of Polonia Restitua, the Medal of the National Education Commission and the Medal of the Warsaw University of Technology. As an 18-year old youth he participated in the Polish-Bolshevik war and was injured in the same year in the town of S┼éuck. For defence of the country he was awarded with the Independence Medal. Post-mortem, on 18 January 2001, he was awarded with the Commander's Cross with the Star of the Order of Polonia Restitua by the President of the Republic of Poland.