The below criteria of interpreting architecture are supposed to achieve the highest possible level of objectivity in assessment of architectural solutions, necessary in situations of reporting own designs - a fragment of the output of Autorska Pracownia Architektury Kuryłowicz & Associates connected with the Warsaw Faculty of Architecture by two professors who worked there for more than 30 years: Ewa and Stefan Kuryłowicz, established by the architect Stefan Kuryłowicz in 1990, currently employing many graduates of the school and five of its lecturers and assistants; architects: Michał Adamczyk, Marcin Goncikowski, Paweł Grodzicki , Mikołaj Kwieciński and Piotr Kudelski. The searched for and applied criteria comprise in the concept of "spatial intelligence" combing the manner of creation and reception of architecture, appositely embracing uniqueness of the place of creation and specificity of users to whom it is addressed. This concept was described by the theoretician Leo van Schaik, who defined it as one of seven recognised human abilities used to move in the space for various purposes. The theoretical construction of Van Schaik helps to identify the uniqueness of architectures developed in Poland, Syria, and other places across the world, not only by stylistic, historical or climatic classifications, but also derived from the basic mechanisms governing human movement on earth and the ability to decipher its space.