Problems of relations between energy and architecture are frequently discussed as to technical aspects and   requirements related to low-energy buildings and adequate regulations. This issue is largely deliberated in scientific and professional literature about architecture and construction. Energy, however, can also be considered as part of symbolic aspects of architectural ideas and psychological sensation. Subjective impressions in this regard are diversified and so far rarely analyzed. There is some interesting potential in the idea of energy as a creative factor being applied in different ways in architectural design. In the symbolic sphere of the issue one can perceive indications of energy in architectural forms, applied colours and treatment of surfaces. Technical issues related to energy in architecture cover such problems as building forms and envelopes as well as services enhanced with new technologies. All these elements are designed to gain energy from renewable sources, to reduce heat losses and to protect buildings from excess of thermal energy.
Energy as contemporary design imperative has stimulated over the last years important modifications in professional methods and procedures of architectural design.
Keywords:  architecture, architectural ideas, energy in architecture, low-energy buildings